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Integrative Osteopathic Bodywork

Integrative Osteopathic Bodywork is primarily hands-on manual therapy. It also involves various exercises, postural analysis and designing your life to maintain your posture.

Our bodies store our whole history of mind, emotions and physics. All of it is stored in the myofascial matrix, the nervous system, and the biochemistry. The body is very plastic, meaning it is radically changeable.


Through highly refined hands-on input, coupled with intentional breathing and imagery, it is possible to significantly change the shape, tone and even eventually the structure of the body. In doing so we tend to liberate not only the physical energy of the body but also the emotional and mental energies of the body.

"Alex has a better understanding of human anatomy than anyone I have ever met. This allows him to troubleshoot complicated problems that others might not be able to pinpoint. Within a few months, he was able to help me with longstanding issues that scores of other body workers had not been able to address effectively."

- Isa Gucciardi, Ph. D.
Author | Teacher


It can help to get out of simple physical pain but also help get out of cycles of emotions and mental habits which keep us dissatisfied and from reaching our potential. The latter is my emphasis.


It is a collaborative therapy.

There is an old analogy from the Zen tradition which illustrates this collaboration quite nicely. Like a baby chick still in the egg, I will tap on the shell from the outside and you tap on the shell from the inside. Through our shared process you can emerge from the shell of an armored musculoskeletal system into a supple and vibrant body. More importantly, you can emerge from a shell of conditioned habits into a state of conscious living, free to choose.

From my side, I am using my hands to facilitate your process -combining all of my medical knowledge with my contemplative knowledge, somatic psychology, hatha yoga, embodied tantras and the understanding of how the mind is continuous with the body and therefore how these mental patterns are held within the body.

From your side, I will be walking you through intentional breathing and visualizations. I help you process the emotions and mental habits that are accompanying the body patterns in realtime, so we can literally change your whole body-emotion-mind-spirit system from gross to subtle so that you can embody a new affect - so that you can embody new mentalities - so that you can embody new potential.

Image by Dave Hoefler


A session is generally 2 hours. It can be shorter or longer depending on your needs.


We will explore your physical, mental and emotional history and discuss your goals, challenges, limitations, strengths, and resilience. We will also do a postural analysis. Most of the session you will be on a treatment table. It’s a slow, gentle, subtle, refined, deep and powerful modality which affects the whole body.


You will likely be in a deep state of relaxation, and simultaneously vibrantly engaged in the process of transformation, employing guided imagery, intentional breathing, and exploratory dialogue.


The roots are in ancient understandings and perspectives on how the mind influences quantum aggregates, how mental patterns come to be embodied. Along with that come the ever popular currents of energy known as subtle channels and winds. Specifically drawing from hatha yoga, kalachakra tantra and Tibetan medicine.

This view is syncretic with modern sciences of osteopathy, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, neural manipulation, myofascial structural integration, and some of my own research in and therapies from biotensegral epigenetics and the embodied mind.



Please set up a free initial discussion to see if we are good fit for each other.

Generally, 2 hour sessions have been the most fruitful. Depending on your disposition and preference, this can be adjusted.

If you would like in-home services, additional fees will be assessed for travel time and expenses. 

I offer services in several locations:

Burlington, Vermont

Miami, Florida

Tampa, Florida

San Francisco, California

Munich, Germany

Lake Tegernsee, Germany

Deia, Spain

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

and more


For information please contact me.

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