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Integrative Somatic Psychotherapy & Coaching

Integrative Somatic Psychotherapy interweaves somatic (body-based) psychotherapy, contemplative (mindfulness and compassion-based) psychotherapy, medical massage therapy, visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, craniosacral therapy, general osteopathic technique, trauma-informed care, social justice, eco-therapy, nutritional psych, and a vast array of other approaches to help you through difficulty, through transitions and transformations, and to find, live, and thrive in your life's purpose.

"The interconnected and fractal nature of reality implies that we can approach healing on any level, and that whatever level we approach it on will come to reveal, effect, and address every other level. 

Working on multiple levels simultaneously allows for a more rapid, thorough, and integrated transformation and healing process. If we pull on one thread or knot, it will ultimately expose all of the others and potentially unwind the others, if pulled delicately enough; but the most effective way is to work on all the different levels simultaneously so that they are untangled in tandem."

- Rev. Alexander Widas, LMT, CHT

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